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Professional Qualifications FAQs

This page contains a list of general queries, as well as technical support queries. If you are unable to find the answer to your query here please contact education@finsia.com

General FAQs


1. How much does the course cost?

$500 (includes 12 months entry membership to FINSIA)

2. What is the qualification aligned to?

PBF is an international professional qualification awarded in association with the Chartered Banker Institute (UK). It is the initial entry point into the Chartered Banker learning pathway with the learning commitment and complexity of content aligned to a Certificate IV.

3. Does the PBF provide accreditation for Tier 1 or 2 personal advice? 

Although, PBF is not an accreditation solution for personal advice, FINSIA has included content detailing the different types of financial advice and when and how they are applied plus the attributes of providing professional and ethical service to support customer needs.

4. Is recognition of prior learning available for the qualifications?

Recognition of prior learning is not offered for this level of professional qualification.

5. What is the due date for the payment of the qualification?

Payment is required on or before studies commence.

6. What are the entry requirements to enrol in the qualification?

No pre-requisites are required.

7. How do I enrol?

You can either complete your enrolment online by clicking here or simply call one of our friendly membership team member on 1300 346 742. 

8. What is the appropriate level of knowledge required before enrolling in the qualification?

There is no pre-requisites for this qualification, however having some background in banking or commerce studies will be beneficial.

9. Are there any special arrangements for members to reach Chartered Banker status?

To achieve this status FINSIA will be offering a range of solutions to accommodate the various educational and industry experiences members have gained over their respective careers.
As a guide the level of complexity is equivalent to a post graduate degree.

10. What are the specific learning and testing requirements?

All learning and assessments are supplied online via digital solutions. The assessment also includes a mock exam to help preparation and offers feedback on areas of strength and gaps.
The final exam is a 2 hour online multiple choice assessment of 100 questions conducted under supervisory conditions. Pass level is 60%.

Technical FAQs

1. I have completed a module, but my status still says incomplete, why is this?

Ensure you have completed all components of the module including:

  • Once you have read the textbook for each chapter, you need to check on the arrow under the heading ‘status’ and enter the time you have spent completing the chapter. Then click on the downward arrow next to ‘Not attempted’ and click on ‘Completed’. Please then select the same button. This action needs to be completed for each chapter.

  • For each e-learning component please ensure you mark the ‘Completed’ box at the end of the learning.